Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Don't Rain on My Parade

Bah! All my records are still in my Mum and Dad's loft in Liverpool. At the moment I don't have a record player because I don't have any records. I am not one of those MOJO reading, Dylan-loving, Techo-hating bores who whinge on about how vinyl is far superior to any other format because of its 'warmth' or 'realness' or whatever other Rockist nonsense people come out with. But, I do like vinyl for the simple fact that LPs, 12 inches and 7 inches in themselves are much more aesthetically pleasing objects than CDs. I need to get them shipped over, especially after stumbling across Rain Parade's legendary September 1985 Whistle Test performance on You Tube. The Waterboys appeared on the same program and played a rousing version of 'This is the Sea', a performance I had on a video that may or may not have been lost - further investigation on that subject is required. Anyway, I want my Rain Parade records (shipping costs permitting).

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